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Thockmorton Village 4000 Years of History

This Old video was of an interview between Mrs Nicolette Harrison and the BBC in August 1990. Mrs Harrison was the wife of Colonel Tom Harrison who lived in the Glebe behind the church, sadly now both deceased.

If it wasn't for the Harrison's the Church would now have been redundant and probably converted to a House.The church was in a bad state of repair and Worcester diocese put it on the redundant churches list in 1976. Tom Harrison agreed to raise the money and manage the substantial repair work needed to bring it back to good order so it was taken off the list.

The family spent many years fundraising and rallying round villagers to help with fundraising, the annual Fete being the big event which then was on the moated island which was part of his property.

Throckmorton owes a lot to the Harrison family not least the wonderful church we now enjoy.

A BBC interview about Throckmorton

The Gallery

From the pictures taken from the Church tower (which one out of only five in the UK with a central tower) you can see  the black & white timbered house which is Throckmorrton Court .

The bell in the tower is the one remaining out of four.

The old schoolhouse is on private property and has now been converted for use of the present owners of the Glebe.

The moated island lies behind the schoolhouse which is also belongs to the Glebe.

Mostly of the Church

Local pictures

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